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Winning Blogs
Providing In-Depth Blog Posts that Boosts Traffic and Wins You Business!

In-Depth Blog Posts for B2B SaaS Companies That Win You Business!


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Industry Authority

You need a consistently updated blog so people know you’re serious. Let me position you as the expert you are.

Build your Brand

Strong blogs leave your readers hungry for more content. My posts will keep them coming back for more!

Attract more Customers

People seek great content. I grow clientele and improve brand awareness by providing you with the content strategy you need.


Hello! I'm Merhawi [Mer-how-E] Kidane, Founder and Lead Copywriter of Winning Blogs

Good communication is ever-changing and those pursing success must learn to adapt.

How exactly will I lead your business to success?

Well let me tell you!

I conduct thorough research on all of my clients' markets so that I understand the trends that will make their blog work.

Competition is fierce within the SaaS market and your content needs a voice that will position you as the right choice for your customers. I will work to find the perfect voice for your needs!

You will discover the benefits of having a blog that customers go out of their way to find.

You can also expect content that is heavily edited and optimized for SEO.

I don’t just make random posts. 

I focus on the big picture and build blog posts from a marketing perspective that grow your business!

Send me an email below and let's start discussing what I can do for you!

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